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Our mission is to provide unique places that will help make memories for generations to come.

We want each and every one of our visitors to have the best experience and fondest memories that our properties can bring. 

A Letter From Our CEO, Brett Hogan

Greetings New Visitors and Existing Members of the Four Seasons Getaways Family,

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of operating in the vacation rental industry since 2002, starting with my first rental property in Southampton, New York. I never would have expected that a single rental property, along with the guidance and expertise of a friend and his family, would help pave the way to build Four Seasons Getaways, which has provided thousands of pleased customers with incredible experiences and memories, over the past 16 years; I am truly humbled.

As a boy, growing up, my family spent every Summer vacation in the Poconos. I have fond memories of waking up early for breakfast and walking to the local, family-owned coffee shop down the road, and spending the rest of the day exploring – fishing, canoeing, hiking, and swimming with my family and dog – experiencing the true beauty of nature.

After our day’s adventures, we always enjoyed a barbeque dinner on the large, outdoor patio, and then gathered around the fire pit for s’mores and stories, before heading to bed.

I absolutely cherished these times, and looked forward to them year after year. As a native Coloradoan, the beauty and serenity of nature always captivated and released me. Nowhere else, could I feel so at peace.

I always dreamt big. As I grew up, I knew I wanted to have my own house in the mountains – a place that I could call home, where I could bring my family and friends, and build on the warm memories I had as a child. As I grew up, the entrepreneur in me, also, wanted to provide the opportunity to allow others to create unforgettable experiences, with their own friends and family, in the same tranquil, relaxing environment.

After years of hard work, and saving almost every penny I had, I began my search for the right property, to make this dream come true. It took three years, a lot of time, and some heartache, but through perseverance and incredible support from loved ones in my life (Heath, Dad, Mom, and Josh) the dream became reality.

I purchased ‘Your Own Inn’ in April, 2005. The previous owner was a sweet man, who later told me after I purchased the property from him, that he knew I was ‘the one.’ With the help of my family and friends, I renovated the entire property, from top to bottom, inside and out – in order to give my guests, the most incredible experience, possible.

At the beginning of this adventure, frankly, I had no clue what I was doing. However, I leveraged my previous property management experience, business sense, and most importantly, my passion to build this dream, which began when I was a teen.

Over the next two years, seeing hundreds of satisfied guests, who possess a love for the outdoors, as do I, fueled my search for a second property in the area. When I purchased ‘Your Own Inn,’ I knew it was a unique property, so finding something comparable would be a challenge. When I first arrived at what is now ‘Your Own Estate’ – I fell in love, once again; a property like this only comes around once in a lifetime.

After another buyer decided to forego the purchase of the property, I had the honor of purchasing ‘Your Own Estate,’ in October, 2009. My dad said everything always happens for a reason, and I believe the opportunity to own ‘Your Own Estate,’ was fate, but the property was far from its true potential; I renovated ‘Your Own Estate’ from top to bottom, with the help of a close friend and mentor (Thank you, Fran!) Just like ‘Your Own Inn,’ ‘Your Own Estate,’ has provided even more serenity-seekers a beautiful, secluded piece of Upstate heaven, for a short time away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how fortunate I’ve been to be able to provide family, friends, co-workers, and more, with the chance to relax, rejuvenate, connect, and form memories that will last a lifetime – I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

To my guests who are already part of the Four Seasons Getaways family, I thank you for your patronage, over the years, and to new visitors, I would be honored to host you and your loved ones, at one of the properties.

Cheers to many more years of health, happiness, and enjoying the simplicity and tranquility, of mother nature, and all she offers.

Warmest Regards,

Brett Hogan

CEO, Four Seasons Getaways

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