Catskills Properties


Transportation & Accessibility

How far are the properties from New York City?

Depending on traffic and mode of transportation, the Catskills properties can be traveled to in two hours and 30 minutes, +/- 30 minutes.

How do I get there?

Towns for the Catskills Four Seasons Getaways properties are as follows:

  • Your Own Estate – Hensonville NY, 12439
  • Your Own Inn – Jewett NY, 12444
  • Your Own Lodge – Tannersville NY, 12485
  • Your Own Cabin – Hunter NY, 12442
  • Your Own Cottage – Lexington, NY 12442

For optimal travel routes from your original location, we recommend using Google Maps or Waze.

What are the closest airports?

The closest international airport to the five Catskills properties is Albany International Airport (ALB), and is around 65-70 miles, driving distance, from the properties.

Additionally, LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark International Airports also provide convenient and frequent service, and are located about 130 miles, driving distance, from the properties.

What public transportation is available?

Bus transportation routes from NYC Port Authority to Hunter are available via Greyhound or Trailways NY, and generally take three hours.

Is there parking available on the properties?

Yes – all properties have adequate parking spaces for multiple vehicles. Please contact (516) 860-6528 for more details.

Is there a maximum number of vehicles permitted at the properties?

There is no maximum number of vehicles permitted at the properties; however, please contact (516) 860-6528 for more details.

Are the properties handicap accessible?

All of Four Seasons Getaways’ properties are private residences, and are not handicap accessible; with that said, we have had guests with physical disabilities stay at the properties. Please contact (516) 860-6528 to discuss your groups specific needs.



What are the differences between the two Hunter Mountain-area properties (Your Own Estate & Your Own B&B)?

Despite both properties serving as incredible oases in their respective locations, there are some differences:


While Your Own Estate has less bedrooms, it is actually larger, and can sleep more people comfortably – up to 46 guests. Your Own Estate is a modern, country-style home, whereas Your Own Inn is a modern, rustic home.


As for amenities, aside from Your Own Estate’s private, five-acre lake, both properties have nearly identical amenities, available for endless enjoyment. In order to facilitate your decision-making, we recommend viewing the photo galleries of both properties, and take into consideration what appeals best to your party’s needs and desires.

What differentiates Four Seasons Getaways properties, with those that are less expensive in the area?

Four Seasons Getaways properties are known for providing endless entertainment that caters to all guests in your group – from kids to adults – whether you are vacationing with friends, family, colleagues, and more.


The properties are also meticulously maintained by our dedicated maintenance team, to ensure the utmost safety and cleanliness for guests – including continuously preserving and improving the properties, so they can truly shine – both inside and out. Our maintenance team also quickly responds to immediate needs, should any issues arise during your stay.


With that said, in order to continue improving the guest experience for years ahead, we encourage those who have stayed at our properties, to provide feedback and recommendations on how we can better enhance the properties. All recommendations both small and large, alike, are welcome!

Why do we provide so many pictures of the properties?

With such large properties, we enjoy being able to show potential guests as many of the spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, common rooms, etc.) and amenities, as possible, to ensure the properties are a good fit for your group.

Additionally, booking a vacation for a large group can be stressful and timely; we would like to make the decision process as simple as possible for you and your guests, by providing as much pertinent information as we can.

Given that most renters do not visit the properties before renting, providing ample photos allows for this peace of mind.

Last but not least, we are proud of these properties! All Four Seasons Getaways properties have been extensively renovated from the time they were procured, in order to deliver the best guest experience, possible.

What family activities are available?

Tons of interesting and exciting activities are available in the local area. Please see our curated Attractions page for more information on great local activities.

What nightlife is available?

The local area is home to some great nightlife entertainment. Please see our Attractions page for more information on great local nightlife spots, as well.

How far is the nearest vet/general store/gas station/hospital/walk‐in clinic/liquor store?

In order to ensure that guests have easy access to their favorite creature comforts, and needs, we’ve curated some local spots that will accommodate these needs, listed in our Attractions page.

Where is the nearest ski hill/cross country ski trail/hiking trails?

The Catskills properties are ideally located for exciting mountain action; and are between four and 15 minutes away from Hunter Mountain, and up to 20 minutes away from Wyndham Mountain. With dozens of options for hiking and ski trails, we welcome guests to utilize Google Maps to plan their trips, accordingly. For a list of local hiking/ski trails, please visit our Attractions page.

Where can I play golf?

The Catskills region is home to over a dozen great golf courses. We welcome guests to utilize Google Maps to plan their golf outings, accordingly. For a list of local golf courses, please visit our Attractions page.

How far is the closest restaurant?

The Catskills area has dozens of local restaurants, that accommodate a wide variety of needs and preferences. Please visit our Attractions page for great dining options, nearby.

How is mobile phone reception?

Mobile phone reception is present at all of Four Seasons Getaways’ properties. Furthermore, free Wi-Fi is provided, as an alternative option in making phone calls.

How do I report a lost item?

Please e-mail us immediately, following your stay, and we will promptly reach out to the cleaning crew, for more information.


Rental Reservation Process

How do I make a reservation?

In order to make a reservation at one of our incredible properties, we welcome guests to contact our reservation line, at 516-860-6528. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If, for some reason, your call is not answered, please leave a message, and a representative will respond as soon as possible.

Additionally, guests may utilize convenient, online booking portals (AirBnB & HomeAway), which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you do make a reservation via online booking portal, a vacation specialist will contact you to confirm the details of your rental, as soon as possible. The reservation will be finalized by Four Seasons Getaways Management. Once approved, the reservation is subject to all terms, conditions, and policies, listed below.

Can we make reservations for rentals more than six months away?

We encourage prospective renters to schedule a reservation whenever works best for them; however, the properties generally book quickly, so we advise prospective renters to take this into account during their search. With that said, previous guests of Four Seasons Getaways properties maintain priority booking status, in booking the same property, for the following year, upon availability.

What information is required to reserve a property?

The main point of contact for the group (preferably a resident of New York State) is required to provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Mobile and/or home phone number
  • Number of adults/children staying at the property
  • Desired property (Estate, Inn, B&B)
  • Desired rental date
  • Price

Can I view the property, in person, before renting?

Yes, please e-mail us at rentals@4sg.com to arrange a date and time that works best for you. However, if a property is occupied at the desired date and time, we cannot allow prospective renters on the property.

How much is the security deposit to reserve a property and when is it to be issued?

Deposit schedules are contingent upon when the rental is booked, as follows:


Scenario #1: If booked within 45 days of rental start date, the full deposit amount will be due immediately upon booking


Scenario #2: If booked in the same calendar year, beyond 45 days from the rental start date, the deposit may be split into two payments; the first payment will be due upon booking, and the second payment will be due 45 days prior to the rental start date


Scenario #3: If booked in the prior calendar year, the deposit may be split into two payments; the first payment will be due no later than 12/31 of the current calendar year, and the second payment will be due 45 days prior to the rental start date


Scenario #4: If booked more than two years ahead of the rental start date, the deposit may be split into two payments; the first payment will be due no later than 12/31 of the current calendar year, and the second payment will be due 45 days prior to the rental start date

When is full payment due, and what is the payment process?

Full payment for the rental is due 45 days prior to the rental start date. Once the final payment is received, and has cleared, the rental point of contact will receive an e-mail with an arrival guide, to help streamline the process, and answer any additional questions.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit will be between $1,000 and $1,500, depending on the property, and number of days booked.

What does the security deposit cover?

The security deposit covers any damage that may be incurred to the property during your stay. After a rental party’s reservation has ended, an inspection will be done of the property; any damages will be deducted from the security deposit.

Any remaining portion of the security deposit will be returned, along with a detailed list of damages, and costs incurred by us. If no damages or costs have been incurred, the security deposit will be returned within ten to fifteen days, following the final day of reservation, via check.

What is the mandatory cleaning fee for?

Renters sometimes inquire if the cleaning fee may be waived, contingent upon a group cleaning the property, at the end of a stay. In order to maintain the utmost cleanliness for all of our guests, we mandate that our dedicated upkeep team thoroughly clean the property, following each booking.

Given the vast size of some of the properties, the process is labor-intensive, and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of cleanliness.

What happens if something goes wrong during the time of stay? (Fire, accident, damage, dangerous conditions, etc.)

Renters are responsible for promptly notifying Four Seasons Getaways, in these instances. Contingent upon severity and circumstance, renters may be subject to forfeiting part, or all, of the security deposit.

Furthermore, if any cases of negligence are determined in these instances, renters may be responsible for any expenses incurred for repair.

What are the accepted forms of payment?

Bookings and security deposits may be paid via check or credit card. We recommend paying via check, as no fees are associated with this option. All credit card payments will incur a 3.1% fee, for both the booking price, and security deposit; and a credit card form will need to be signed, as well.

What is the cancellation policy?

Should a renter decide to cancel a reservation; no refund will be provided. In exceptional cases (an act of God), or a death in the immediate family (with proper documentation), Four Seasons Getaways must be notified, in writing, via e-mail, and Four Seasons Getaways must provide a confirmation e-mail, in response.

How do I obtain travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is available to all guests. You may purchase travel insurance up to the final payment; however, coverage may be limited when insurance is purchased outside of the guidelines listed in the Description of Coverage. Once insurance is purchased, you have 10 days from the purchase date to cancel (provided you have not yet departed for your trip). After that date, the insurance is non-refundable. Please note, you must be able to travel at the time you purchase coverage.

The cost of the insurance plan is 6.95% of the total rental cost, including all taxes and fees. Should you have questions about coverage you can call CSA Travel Protection at 866-999-4018, mention Plan Code 330CSA, or visit their website at www.vacationrentalinsurance.com.


Property Policies

What is typical check-in/check-out time?

Standard check-in time is 7PM EST, to ensure that the property is fully prepared for an enjoyable stay. Check-out time is 11AM EST, for two-night weekend rentals, and 10AM EST, for mid-week, and full-week rentals.

For instances where parties arrive early to the property, we encourage them to take advantage of the great local activities, shopping, and cuisine, that the area has to offer.

Upon arrival, how to we access the property?

An e-mail will be sent with instructions to access the property, two weeks prior to the start of the booking period.

Is smoking allowed on the property?

In order to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests, Four Seasons Getaways maintains a strict, zero-tolerance policy for smoking any material indoors, at any of the properties.

Any instance of smoking indoors will result in the partial, or full, forfeiture of the security deposit.

If you choose to smoke, it must be outdoors, and all cigarette butts must be safely and properly disposed of, in a garbage receptacle; please do not litter.

Are pets allowed on the property?

Four Seasons Getaways generally does not allow pets at any of the properties; however, if the pets are hypoallergenic, and trained, we may be flexible in allowing their stay, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Service and emotional support animals are allowed at the properties.

What is the minimum age limit for renting a property?

The individual who signs the rental contract must be at least 21 years of age.

Are outside guests or parties allowed on the property?

Outside guests of renters are allowed, within the maximum occupancy parameters listed in the Contract. Parties are allowed on the property; however, all rental guests and invited guests are expected to treat the property with respect, as if it was their own.

If any noise complaints or disturbances are recorded during any rental period, the security deposit may not be returned, and rental guests may be asked to leave the premises; refunds will not be offered.

Please note that we do not host any high school or rental groups.

Are the properties allowed to be used for events such as corporate retreats and weddings?

Absolutely! Our properties have been utilized for corporate events, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, film shoots, and more. However, any use of the rental properties for purposes other than residential use (i.e.: family vacation) must be approved by Management, following a formal request submission.

If the event is approved, the renter will be required to pay an additional deposit to be determined by Four Seasons Getaways Management, and abide by Management’s determination on the requested event. Management reserves the right to cancel rental reservations with no refund, if events, or occupancy figures are misrepresented.

What are the renter’s responsibilities upon departing the property?

We kindly ask that renters and their guests leave our properties as tidy as they were upon arrival, including leaving kitchen items (dishes, cookware, etc.) clean; dispose of all trash in the proper outdoor receptacles; lock all doors and windows; and leave all linens on the floor. If extensive damage or cleaning is required by our cleaning team, additional charges may be applied.


Property Amenities

What do I have to bring?

Guests will be responsible for bringing their own bath towels, pool/hot tub towels, toiletries, garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, food/beverages, games, movies, music, and electronics.

This following checklist includes some helpful suggestions to assist you with your packing and shopping:

  • Bathroom Tissue
  • Paper Towels
  • Napkins
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Coffee Filters
  • Garbage Bags
  • Condiments
  • Staple Items
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Bath Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Hangers
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hand Towels
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Chairs
  • Beach Umbrella

What furnishings are included?

Unless otherwise indicated, all rental properties are equipped with the following:

  • Bed Linens *
  • Bath Towels (no hand towels) *
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Central AC/Heat
  • Basic TV service
  • VCR or DVD
  • Phone
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove/Oven
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker
  • Blender
  • Cookware
  • Dishes
  • Flatware
  • Glasses

What laundry facilities do you have?

Washer and dryer are available at each property; however, guests are required to provide their own detergent and fabric softener.

Are cleaning supplies included?

Cleaning supplies are not included; guests must provide their own cleaning supplies.

Are cleaning services available during our stay?

Homes are cleaned before after your departure. Daily cleaning service or interim cleaning is available at an additional charge.

Do you provide cribs or highchairs?

Cribs and highchairs are not provided due to liability reasons. However, there are online rental options available, to meet your needs. Please contact (516) 860-6528 for more information.

Is the tap water drinkable?

Yes, the tap water is fully safe to drink.

Is wood supplied for the fire pit/fireplace?

Wood is not supplied by Four Seasons Getaways; however, wood may be available around the property, for use. For a small fee, parties can request arrangement to have wood available upon their arrival.

Is propane for the gas grill provided with the rental?

Propane fuel is not provided by Four Seasons Getaways; however, we do supply the tanks. You can exchange the tanks at any local gas station (less than 10 minutes away from the properties). For a small fee, parties can request arrangement to have tanks pre-filled, and ready to use, upon your arrival.

How big is the lake?

The lake at Your Own Estate is approximately five acres.

What kind of fish can be caught in the lake?

Largemouth bass and sunfish are stocked in the lake. Please note that all fishing is strictly catch-and-release; the fish are not to be consumed.

Is a fishing license required?

No fishing license is required to fish at the lake at Your Own Estate; however, if you are looking to fish at a local lake or river, you can purchase a license, online, at the following site: https://decals.dec.ny.gov/DECALSCitizenWeb/loginregister.htm

Do you supply sporting equipment/pool toys?

Several small, manually-powered crafts are provided with the rental, including a canoe, kayak, and paddle boat. Fishing rods and tackle are also included. Please note that all guests using any watercraft in the lake are required to wear a life jacket, regardless of age or ability.

What size life jackets do you have?

A variety of life jacket sizes are available, and fit most guests. As mentioned above, life jackets are mandatory for all guests, when utilizing the boats at Your Own Estate’s private lake.

Is the pool heated?

Yes, all of the pools are heated to a standard 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Given that the pools utilize heat pumps, there may be certain instances where issues arise during cold-weather months. If issues do arise, please contact (516) 860-6528, and we will assist in resolving the issue.

If you would like the pool preheated before your group arrives, a $100 fee will be incurred. Additionally, the pool may be heated to a higher temperature for a fee of $100 per day.

Please note that the pool cannot be preheated if your rental booking immediately follows that of a previous group.

How is the pool maintained?

Routine cleaning and maintenance is performed on the pools at Four Seasons Getaways’ properties, once per week, by professional pool specialists.

Is internet/Wi-Fi service available?

Yes, Wi-Fi service is available at all of Four Seasons Getaways’ properties, free of charge.

Are telephone land lines available?

Yes, phones are available for your convenience, in making local calls.

Can we bring gaming entertainment systems? (Wii/PlayStation/Xbox)?

Yes, guests are permitted to bring gaming entertainment systems to the properties.

Are the properties air conditioned in the summer? Are fans available?

HVAC accommodations for the properties are as follows:

  • Your Own Estate – the main house is fully air conditioned; the guest house is air conditioned in the upstairs, main room, and all bedrooms have fans
  • Your Own Inn – the two main living rooms are air conditioned; all bedrooms have fans
  • Your Own Cabin – the house is cooled by one large air conditioner, with fans in three of four bedrooms
  • Your Own Lodge – each floor has air conditioning in the common areas, and all bedrooms have fans
  • Your Own B&B – the common areas and bedrooms have air conditioning
  • Your Own Cottage – the house is cooled by one large air conditioner

Please note that the ambient temperature for the locations warm up to around 80 degrees during the summer months, and will usually cool off to around 50-60 degrees, at night. Air conditioning is generally not needed at night, as guests may be comfortable sleeping with the windows open, and fan on.

Are there any wild animals in the area?

As expected in rural areas, common country critters, such as bugs, mice, frogs, deer, bears, may be present.

How are pests controlled on the property?

Four Seasons Getaways takes several measures to control pests on the properties. For more information, please contact (516) 860-6528.

How close are the neighboring properties?

Each property is in different proximity to their respective neighboring properties. Google Maps provides a better idea of the distance between the Four Seasons Getaways properties, and adjacent ones.

Is anyone else on the property during the rental period? (Ex: cleaning crew, chef, caretaker, other renters)

No one will be on the property during the rental time period, unless invited by the renting party. For urgent repair matters, Four Seasons Getaways will be in contact with the rental party point of contact, and will clearly communicate estimated time of arrival for maintenance member(s).

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